Week 2 Day 2 ~ Just Ask

One would think that God is so busy being supreme and almighty, that he would consider our troubles to be trivial. I am so thankful that he will meet me where I am – right here in the flesh and blood world where I live and make mistakes and get upset over little things. He doesn’t think anything I am going through is unimportant. I absolutely love the quote from p.49.

“It’s tough down here, and God knows it. We need practical advice. We need the wisdom to know what to do with knowledge. We need authentic leadership of the Spirit in areas that aren’t black and white.”Image

And there is very little in life that is clear-cut, black and white. “If any of you lacks wisdom…..”  Yes, here I am Jesus, me, me!  I lack your wisdom and I need you so much.

Can you relate?


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