The Real Problem

Stressed-Less Living: Finding God’s Peace in your Chaotic World
by Tracie Miles

Real Problem. Chapter One. Out of the seven sections in Chapter One, which one hit home for you the most? What is it about that section that made you sit up and pay attention?

There were so many great points in Chapter one, it was hard to choose just one section, but when I read these words in What Works and What Doesn’t, I felt like the roof of my house was peeled back and the author could see directly inside my life.

I tried massages, manicures, pedicures, fancy vacations, days off from work, bubble baths, hot tubs, listening to soft music, reading fiction, studying stress management, researching the art of balancing life, grown-up time-outs, and all the other common suggestions for stress relief……I tried shopping therapy….I even tried having a glass of wine at night after stressful days.

Wow! How true is this? The author said overwhelming stress is as much an illness to our soul, as cancer is to our body.  In our modern-day Babylon, we search endlessly for the things that we think will fulfill us, for the things we hope will take away the pain and the hurt, for the chance to get relief from the stress of our busy lives. When all the time it was right in front of us.

Though the context was different, something Rhett Butler said to Scarlett O’Hara applies well to this concept, “you’re throwing away happiness with both hands and reaching out for something that’ll never make you happy”.  Happiness is found in Him. Our Father is so patient. He is there, ready and willing, just waiting for us to acknowledge Him and to ask for His help. Now, I don’t find a thing wrong with a pedicure now and then. I believe the key is not in determining what to do, but in knowing the WHO the healer is.

Everyone tried to touch him, because healing power went out from him, and he healed everyone.  Luke 6:19 NLT

If you cannot see the video above, click to go directly to YouTube:  Kari Jobe “Healer” 


3 thoughts on “The Real Problem

  1. Hello Suztan, thank you for the video, played it while reading your blog.He is our healer, I too tried filling myself with everything else but God, which he is the only one that can fill us, Blessing for stress less life.


  2. Well said! I never considered how stress broke my body down. Today was no different than any other except i spent a few hours with three bibles opened before me…cross referencing verses and writing them in my notebook. How at peace and rested i feel.
    And i have to add…love the gwtw reference. I ‘ve always been a fan.


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