Book: Get Over Yourself!

Get_Over_Yourself_Book_CoverAbout a week after my return from a ladies spiritual retreat in Spring 2012, a friend from that weekend gave me a copy of this book.

If you are a busy working mother like me, you have so many things to do, books you’d like to read, people to care for, groceries to be bought, clothes to be washed… it’s hard to find time for everything. By Fall, I felt that I needed to put aside time to read the book, to ‘just do it’.

The immediate draw to her story is that the author was working as a Disney Princess when she accepted Christ. It took prayer, patience and many years to overcome her issues and live in victory.

In Get Over Yourself, seven practical principles serve as your roadmap to get over your “self-issues” and into a life free from shame, regret, anger, and insecurity. You can: 

• Get over the fickle feelings that hinder your faith.
• Get over insecurity and self-doubt that steal your freedom.
• Get over guilt, regret, and shame that plague your life.
• Get over the lingering pain of your past that keeps you hurting.
• Get over negative belief systems that influence destructive behavior.
• Get over debilitating thoughts that rule your life and wreck your day.
• Get over your lack of fulfillment and find purpose.

It s time to turn your pain into purpose; misery into ministry; and heartache into heartbeat.  ~

Before read this book, I considered myself a relatively positive yet realistic person. The book reminded me that while the world looks at us on the outside, God looks on the heart. The author illustrated how things we thought we have gotten over, have greatly affected us and often continue to do so in our adult life. To live the life we were designed by God to live, we’ve first got to get over ourselves! It’s those inner conversations we have – hoping our decisions are the right ones, our disappointment in our failings, the pressures we place on our own shoulders – these things can keep us from living the victorious life God intended.

The author states (p.138) “our mind is the battleground on which the enemy wages war against us, our faith, and our new-found freedoms, so we must learn how to fight to keep our minds free of all those ungodly thoughts…We must daily wage war against the thoughts that infiltrate our minds and weaken our faith.”

The book encourages the reader to get a new attitude based on the truths of God,  to obey His word, and to make a change. We are to fulfill the destiny that He has created for each of us individually. The author says that God wants each of us to us our past (with warts, pains, and failures) to His glory, to fulfill His destiny, to bring others through the dark and into the glorious light. We each have a story – and we need to tell it.

Almost a year after I was given this book, I had the opportunity to not only meet the author, but to be taught by her. It was such a privilege. An experienced and accomplished speaker, Jennifer hosted her own conference called RESTORE and I was there for the first one! She is incredible. She is beautiful, eloquent, determined, funny, practical, and committed to helping others come into their God-given purpose, turning misery into ministry as only our Heavenly Father can do.  If you have the opportunity to see her in person, commit to be there. God has something planned for you!

Here’s the link to her website:  Jennifer Beckham Ministries

We are a ‘work in progress’!


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